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Protosimplex – Ideas of Burkhard Heim

9-2-1925 – 14-1-2001
A physical theory of matter & life and their cosmic background *

“Human being is the creature
in which nature is recognizing itself.”

Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843)


Heim Theory

Much more material and downloads are available in the German section of Protosimplex.

Burkhard Heim (short biography and introduction)


Some Links regarding the Heim Theory.


The Protosimplex site started in 1998 as the worldwide first internet project dedicated to Burkhard Heim. Since then I have spend some hundred hours in programming, writing, communicating and laying out documents that are presented here for free.

Protosimplex will continue developing. Because I have a profession and a family now this will go with moderate pace.

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