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05R/W Technical info and a sound demo

Loading the patches into your synthesizer

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Patches for KORG 05R/W synthesizer.
Most of them are inspired by some great sounds for the KORG M1 synthesizer.
All Free


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Sound set Description
05_M1_p (MIDI, Sysex) Type: Program Bank (100 patches), detailed list
Description: imitated M1 Factory Programs (sounds)
Author: OP
05_M1_c(MIDI, Sysex)
Type: Combination Bank (100 patches), detailed list
Description: imitated M1 Factory Combinations
Author: OP
You also have to load the patches 05_M1_p, that are used by these combinations!
05_M1_GM (MIDI, Sysex) Type: Program Bank (100 patches), detailed list
Description: imitated M1 Factory Programs, transposed and sorted to match General MIDI standards
Author: OP
05classics Type: Program Banks, (> 400 patches), detailed list, Liste deutsch
Description: Huge collection of good synthesizer sounds
Author: OP
Contains the following data:
    *.mid        Sound banks as Standard MIDI Files (use them with any sequenzer)
    *.syx       Sound banks as Sysex dumps
    *.sqd        Soundquest data, containing all sound banks
    *.sql        Soundquest library, containing sounds with comments

brs_ens (MIDI, Sysex) – brass, flutes, strings + choirs, ethno sounds
guit_ld (MIDI, Sysex) – guitars, synthesizers (lead), solo strings
pad_FX (MIDI, Sysex) – pads and effect pads witch different noises
p_org (MIDI, Sysex) – pianos, E-pianos, organs, church organs
perc_bas (MIDI, Sysex) – percussion and chromatic percussion, drums, sound effects, basses

05MixMap (Zip)
Several Cubase Mixer maps to control 05R/W sound parameters

Some browsers try to play the MIDI files instead of loading them. Use right click and then "save as …".

The sound sets and global data are included in different data formats to make loading as easy as possible for you.

You just have to play the MIDI files with a midi player. When using a music software like Steinberg Cubase you must ensure that any sysex filters are absent.
Sysex files are another common file format.

KORG 05R/W Technical info and sound demo

KORG 05R/W Technical data

Polyphony: 32-voices
8-part multi-timbral via MIDI interface
has a General MIDI modus and a General MIDI sound set
Presets: 236 Programs
(128 ROM programs + 8 drum programs; 100 RAM Programs)
100 Combinations
8 drum sets with 164 drum sounds
Sound generation: AI² Synthesis System (same as KORG X3, KORG I3)
32 oscillators
Waveform ROM: PCM 6 MByte, 340 multi-sampled waveforms
Sensor response: velocity, aftertouch, pitch wheel and others
Effects: 2 digital multi effects, 47 Fx types
MIDI: in, out, thru
Outputs: stereo pair
Display: backlit green

05R/W Sound demo

This demo has been recorded live from a Cubase multi track midi file. Keyboard data has been recorded with a Korg M1 keyboard.
Recorded directly from the output of 05R/W. No additional effects, no overdubs and no other synthesizers were used.
This demo uses some of the advantaged capabilities of the 05R/W like pitch bending and controlling reverb depth and reverb time via the Midi track.

05R/W Links

www.synthmania.com/05r_w.htm – Technical info and a lot of demo sounds from the KORG 05R/W

Korg home page (German) – Technical info and manual of KORG 05R/W, also info about other outdated KORG synthesizers

Patchmanmusic.com – Commercial 05R/W patches designed for use with a wind controller

Guide: Loading the patches into your synthesizer

Attention: Before loading any new sounds into your instrument you should back-up your own sounds.
You can do this by recording a MIDI data dump with a sequencer software and saving the result as a standard MIDI file (*.mid).
In the sequencer any MIDI filters must be switched off (record and play Sysex data).

Please adjust the KORG 05R/W Global menu as follows:

   - MIDI GLOBAL               CH = 1
   - MIDI-FILTERING   PRG: ena    EXCL: ena

Now start recording in the sequencer.
At the instrument start sending a sysex dump ("ALL DATA") via the Global menu.
When the display shows up "completed" you can stop recording. Save the result as standard MIDI file ("mysounds.mid").

Test integrity of the saved file before loading other sounds!
This is how you can do that. Change a letter of the last patch name (program 99). Save the changes. (The sound remains the same, only the name has changed.) Controll: Chose patch 99. Is the new name visible?

Now you can send back your data recorded previously from the sequencer back to the synthesizer. This is done by simply playing the MIDI file.
After receiving this data the name of patch 99 should be the original again. (You have to recall the patch.)

If this worked fine you can start sending new sound banks to the synthesizer in the same manner.


Sorting sound patches

In the old days I used a software called "MIDI quest" or "Sound quest" that was able to collect, sort and store sounds for various synthesizers. I do not know, whether they still exist.
Without such a software it will be very time consuming to sort the sounds inside the 05R/W (using "delete" and "store/save to" functions).

How many new sounds do you get?

The 05classics sound set contains

Solo synthesizers
Electric organs and church organs
31 Guitars and distorted and non-distorted e-guitars
50 Pianos and electric pianos
25 Brass
43 Brass ensemble
9 Flutes
12 Woodwind
74 FX sounds
24 Percussion
4 Ethnic
18 Drums

Contact, contributions and suggestions: op@engon.de


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