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Gfx-8 sounds, patches, free download

gfx-8_patches.zip – also contains patches from www.fineclaymatrix.co.uk, a site formerly run by sound engineers and musicians.

op_patches.gfx – Brian May, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and others

treblebooster.zip – various simulations of Treble Boosters switched in front of the distortion, Brian May (Queen) frequently used a treble booster which gives a great contribution to the singing sound of his guitar play. (Custom distortion files).

Hint: The built-in factory presets are a bit overloaded. The GFX-8 can provide much more different sounds.

Sound demo

Demo with some patches from the downloads above.
All sounds are played with the same guitar, allways pickups 2 and 3 are on.
Recorded directly from GFX-8 output.
Amp simulation is switched to "AS", cabinet simulation is switched "off".

Press Play button to hear audio. (download MP3 audio)

The Zoom Gfx-8 data format (patch files)

The data format of the gfx-8 patch files is very complicated.
I assume the developers were keen to save memory consumtion in the device. Bits of different parameters are merged across the byte boarders of the file. It is not easy to assign the parameters to the bits.

gfx-8_patch_parameters.xls – Excel file, contains a rough overview about bytes and associated sound parameters
gfx-8_parameter_test.gfx – Set with test patches for anylizing storage format

Important: Setting up your GFX-8

The output sound of the GFX-8 greatly depends on the global amp simulation setting.
In the beginning everything from my own gfx-8 sounded very dull, even when amp simulation has been switched to "off".

A much more brilliant sound is acchieved with the amp simulation setting "AS" (Amp stack). In addition the cabinet simulation has to be switched off! Only than you have the full frequency range at the output.

With this setting all patches get a more indivitual character.

Setting up an "AS" amp simulation:
Press the total button three times until "AMP SIM" is displayed. Turn knob 1 to "on".
Turn knob 2 fully to the right, the display shows up "AS".
Torn knob 3 (cabinet) to the left until "off" is displayed.

Now press 2× the Store button.
Now the amp simulation has been stored working for all patches.


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