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Examples and illustrations

Age of the world and origin of matter (cosmogony)

Heim's cosmological equation links the smallest thing of the world (fundamental geometrical unit) with the largest one – diameter of whole physical space.
An analysis shows that the number of metrons in our world constantly increases, whereby their single diameter becomes smaller (similarly to an dividing ovum). While both of these processes running at the same time this results in an weakly expanding universe, but expansion is clearly smaller than assumed by interpretation of cosmic red shift as Doppler effect.
With changing of size of all metrons also all physical values change, since they are based on geometrical processes.

An approximation into the past leads to a temporal zero point. At this point there only existed a start quantity of metrons (Trinity of spheres = Sphärentrinitaet)  -10108 years ago. Metrons then divided and multiplied, forming over a very long period of time an expanding but completely empty space.
Only when achieving a critical size it came to a sudden origin of matter because of breaks in symmetry approx. 15...40 billion years ago in the entire world (matter is inhomogenous compressed space). From evenly distributed generative areas then matter was generated in the entire space. Heim says This must have looked like a firework.
These generative areas still throw their trace today. We can watch them as so-called space bubbles which is a bubble-like arrangement of matter in the universe which is observed by astronomers.

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