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Examples and illustrations

Geometrical understanding of elementary particles

The Heim theory is a radically geometrical description of physical processes. That is, it actually understands all physical phenomena from internal geometrical processes of six-dimensional space.

Space can form different curved structures which also can turn into others (these processes are mathematically described in the context of Heim's theory). Under certain boundary conditions such condensing processes can run cyclically. Then space swings within two different partial structures always back and forth. From outside this volume has different physical characteristics than empty space.
In reality these characteristics of not empty space are not the result of statics, but of internal dynamics (matter is cycling of space).

The smallest unit which can execute such cyclic compressions is called Protosimplex. Protosimplexes however occur not isolated, but can exist only in  context of other Protosimplexes. Each elementary particle is such a connection of Protosimplexes. Their density decreases from inside to outside.

Fig. 1: Inner density of Protosimplexes in an elementary particle

From this description it becomes clear why physical experiments with identical elementary particles must lead to periodically varying results. Finally a dynamic interior life exists in each particle – so it is gotten in each experiment at a coincidental point of  time.
Furthermore it becomes clear that there is an internal structure of elementary particles (Protosimplexes), but this structures only exist in context of the entire particle.
Therefore no isolated quarks will never be observable, which could be produced as fragments of elementary particles.

Fig. 2: Existence (al periodical process) and radioactive disintegration of elementary particles

So therefore an elementary particle only exists as a constant cycling between all its partial structures 1 and 2. If cycling is interrupted we observe a radioactive disintegration.

By a mathematical description of these six-dimensional compression processes Heim gets an uniform mass formula and a theoretical cause for all quantum numbers resulting from these geometrical processes.
Heim states, that until today all observed elementary particles masses are produced as solutions of his mass formula.

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