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Examples and illustrations

At this map you can pursue schematically the flow of thoughts described in chapter 1-4, where Heim states why a fundamental geometrical unit must exist.

Entries of the general energy impulse density tensor describe all types of physical interactions (on the right side), which can be understood on the other hand also geometrically as deformations of space (left side).

The type of this geometry is deduced in chapter 1-3. It results from the circumstance that every physical type of interaction produces its own metric.

The term energy density describes density of energy per volume of space. Now, the following is very simple. I wonder why this still is not known in conventional physics: If you extend this quotient both in counters and denominators with time, you receive density of effect (energy * time) per space-time. Since we know from experiences of quantum physics that effect is quantized also all other values in this equation must be quantized, particularly all coordinates of space-time.
Because on the left side a geometrical description is equivalent to this physical description, this side also must be transferred in a form of quantized terms.

Installation of this quantized physical description into the uniform structure tensor Heim shows in chapter II-1. From this the description of the material world in six physical dimensions results.

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