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Examples and illustrations

Chronology of publications by Burkhard Heim

Please note: All publications are in German language!

1959  The principle of dynamic contrabarie in Flugkörper (missiles), 14 pages
1977  Suggestion of a way to a uniform description of elementary particles
(article in Zeitschrift für Naturforschung (magazine for natural science), 10 pages 
1978 Elementary structures of matter - Vol 1
1980 Postmortal statuses? (122 pages) 
1982  The cosmic expierience space of humans (49 pages)
The elementary process of live (76 pages) 
1984 Elementary structures of matter - Vol 2
1985 Coupling between magnetic field and angular momentum density (suggestion of an alternative experiment) (unpublished memorandum to MBB)
1988 Basic conditions of health and life development of humans (14 pages)
1989 About prerequisites for the acceptance of scientific border areas by science (17 pages)
1994  A picture of the background of the world (article)
1995 Dröscher/ Heim: Structures of the physical world and their not-material page


  Theory of the material world in R6 (uniform field theory, types of interaction, elementary particles)
  Theory of the life processes (structures in x5, x6, syntrometrie, postmortal statuses)
  Theory of not-material background of the world (hyperspace R12 and projections from G4 into space-time R4
  Other publications

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